These are some testimonials from our alumni

M. Rafi S - Associate Application Engineer - Rakuten Japan

Thank you to Pantona Teknologi Indonesia for giving me the opportunity to learn and work on a real project in web development from scratch even though I don't have a background in Computer Science or Informatics Engineering, because I am a Physics Engineering student from the Bandung Institute of Technology.

By working on a real project, I have the opportunity independently explore knowledge about Software Engineering which is very useful for my future self-development. Hopefully Pantona can continue to move forward and produce the best works in the future.

Yaya - 3D CAD Programmer Engineer at PT. JGC Indonesia

It is a very valuable experience because you can work and work on projects from abroad, as well as being able to work at home, aka WFH. Continued success PANTONA (Infinite Indonesia).

Fahrian - QA/QC Engineer at PT. FirstWAP International

PT Pantona Teknologi Indonesia is a very suitable place to learn many things. Besides being introduced to the world of work which is very interesting and competitive, we also have opportunities can directly collaborate with clients who are both within the country and abroad. Hopefully Pantona IT will always develop and grow into a company that produces many innovations technology.


I got a lot of good knowledge about programming, management, communication and others. Gives an opportunity for me to learn and develop. Thank you for the guidance????

Hadi - Senior Mobile Developer at Toyota Astra Motors

While working at PT. Pantona, I really enjoy it in terms of work, environment and salary. The boss is firm & wise, the leaders are friendly and not stingy with knowledge, often helping juniors who are in trouble. Great anyway.

Message :
Thanks for the opportunity given, even though we have different offices now, don't forget that we can still work together and help each other.

Andhi - Senior Frontend Engineer di PT Wilsum Capital

Thank you to Pantona Teknologi Indonesia for giving me the opportunity to join a very solid team. Good work professionals, And very much and useful experience for me at this time. Hopefully Pantona Teknologi Indonesia will be more advanced and can continue to innovate and open up opportunities and employment opportunities that are beneficial for everyone.