Senior Phyton Developer


  • Candidate must possess at least Diploma, Bachelor's Degree in Engineering (Computer/Telecommunication), Computer Science/Information Technology or equivalent.
  • At least 3 Year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
  • Required Skill(s): Python programming version 3, Object Oriented in python, Django Framework, Azure/AWS/Google Cloud Infrastrucure.
  • Preferably Less than 3 year experience specialized in IT/Computer - Software or equivalent.
  • Good skill in Cloud Technolgy
  • Good skill in Docking Concept and Implementation
  • Good skill in using Jenkins for automatic update
  • Good skill in Javascript language and know about (DOM, JSON, async control flow, promises, callback, memory leak management),
  • Good Skill in database management using MySQL 8 & PostreSQL 10 and know about (Query Optimization, database scaling, database performance tuning)
  • Good skill in web storage management (session, cookies & cache)
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of web application architecture (MVC, performance optimization, web application security, server tuning)
  • Extensive knowledge and experience with REST API
  • Extensive knowledge and experience for handling web vulnerability
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in web server management using (apache, nginx & IIS) and know about AWS load balancing, WAF and CDN
  • Familiarity using Node.js framework
  • Familiarity using repository management like Git
  • The habit of working on team

Employment Type: Full-time

Employment Status : Employee (non-managerial & supervisor)

Qualification : Professional certificate, D3 (Diploma), D4 (Diploma), Bachelor (S1)

Benefit : Opportunity to work in Japan for talented employee

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